pondělí 10. března 2014


We decided, both groups, that we really ant to buy cameras for taking more pictures in the future.

We dicussed what we want it do do.

We researched camers online.

We bought the camera.

First picture was a selfie. Unfortunately we erased it by mistake. The camera is great :-)

úterý 25. února 2014


We were lookig for a play that will reflect a connection between Czechs and Slovak and was simple enough to rehearse in our limited time together. After some consideration, we came up with a Slovak fairy-tale Brat a sestra (Brother and Sister), collected in 19th century by a Czech writer Bozena Nemcova.

The original story is HERE (p. 6-9).

We worked with the text a lot, exploring each other´s languages and having fun.

And here is the result: